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At we concentrate on "Quality of Service" i.e. keeping our customers happy. We want to save ourselves and you time and trouble,
that's why we use "Single Touch Transaction", the transaction is completed on delivery of the goods, quick clean and efficient, - No Bills - No Headaches.
Rubble-sacks are a full shovel size. Minimizing spillage and/or refill. They are strong enough to hold anything that you put into them without fear of bursting). They will also stand-alone after the first shovel, and are sold in sealed packs of 50's (giving you a generous unit-sale value along with a decent profit margin) See Builder providers.

Up-Market jute/Hessian carrier-bags, designed and customised to meet your specification for shape, color-combination and size. The handles can be made from a range of materials such as bamboo, cord, or cane. See Promotional Bags.

Compostable bags for waste. Made from ordinary paper, wet-strength paper, hessian/Jute of corn starch plastic. See Other Products.